Favelagrafia brings a new view of Rio’s slums. A new perspective, in which the slums are represented by those who understand them most: their residents. Nine talented and dreamy photographers, passionate about photography and, especially, their communities.

Launched in 2016, the project aims at building a different image about the slums, showing that they are more than drug traffic, weapons, and danger. They are full of potential, talent, art, and creativity.


In the second phase of Favelagrafia, the nine photographers portray the talented people living in Rio’s slums, related to music, dance, visual arts, performance, fashion, sports… The City’ slums are filled with talented people and art and life stories that deserve to be told. Stories that have already been represented in photos and, in this second phase, will be shown in photos and videos.


NBS SoMa believes that the relevance of brands is related to their ability to transform people’s lives and that Brazilian slums and suburbs are thriving urban territories, full of talents and transformation opportunities.

Our proposal is to urge the brands to think about it and, more than that, to act in favor of these talented people, through positive-impact projects.


“Uber’s mission is to create opportunities through movement, opening the world to new possibilities. Which is why Uber believes in the power of true art that transcends borders, presents new perspectives, and expands horizons. That is what Favelagrafia 2.0 is all about: a project to be seen and felt, in all its angles and potential.”

Silvia Penna: Uber Operations Manager in Rio de Janeiro